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 Post subject: The 10 Ebannedments
PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:42 pm 
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We recommend you to read them carefully and critically. Know them and live by them.

All members are expected to adhere to the rules outlined in our sites Terms of Service

Furthermore, there are a few rules just for these forums:

Thou Shalt Not Use Another Members Name in Vain. - We do not allow the mention of names in a derogatory manner here. This includes linking to another Ebanned member's auctions and/or ME page. If you have a complaint with or about another member it's best to take this private, either to the member themselves or to the sites administration.
NOTE: We are not playground monitors here. We will not get involved in a dispute just because you don't like someone. :)

Thou Shalt Not Self Promote
- No self promotion. If you are a seller, you may link to your listing of auctions (DO NOT LINK TO INDIVIDUAL AUCTIONS) and to your "me" page. Posts made for the sole purpose of directing members to your current auctions will be deleted. If you need help with an auction or you are new, please use the 911 forum where those who are willing to help will be checking.
- There is to be NO bartering for services. This is considered advertising and will get your post pulled.

Thou shalt not fight
- Fighting, bickering, and name-calling is completely not allowed. Healthy debating and discussions are acceptable, but make sure to keep your posts very mature. We make NO hesitation of removing members that get involved in fighting and name-calling, and this includes making comments designed to inflame another member in order to engage them in an argument. If you cannot decide whether your post is mature or not, it probably isn't, so don't post it.

Thou Shalt Not Promote Outside Websites
- No self promotion. See above. Linking to websites outside of Ebanned is not permitted. This includes auctions at Ebay. If you wish to direct traffic to a personal or business website, we provide a banner rotation for a small fee.
- There is to be NO bartering for services. This is considered advertising and will get your post pulled.

Thou Shalt Not Use Over Sized Pics
- We allow the use of photos in your profile. We ask that you keep your photos to a reasonable size. The forum software will set the width, you are responsible for making sure that your photo does not cause long download times for those on (unfortunate) dial-up connections. A perfect size for example is 225 pixels wide. 

Thou Shalt Not Use Thy Forum As A Chat Room - This is a forum, not a chat board. Frivolous posts that are out of context and do not have any other reason than for the purpose of chatter should be kept to chat. We have in the past had many problems with this sort of thing and we are now asking forum members to please keep their subject matter to the topic at hand. If you want to chat, we provide an instant messenger service and a very nice reliable chat room at no extra charge to you.

Thou Shalt Not Cry If Thy Post Is Removed- This forum is Moderated. We reserve the right to delete any post we feel necessary, without reason and without warning.

Thou Shalt Not Post Banners In Thy Signature- Ebanned provides a reasonable banner service for those wishing to advertise their service or website.

Thou Shalt Not Discuss Girls/Guys Club Matters In These Forums- Self Explanatory.

Thou Shalt Not Resurrect a Locked Topic- If a topic is locked by the administrators, it was locked for a reason. Reviving the same subject in another topic will net you ONE warning. Further acts of defiance will net you the chance to cool your heels as a locked out member.

Misuse of these forums will result in one warning. Further incidents of misuse will result in your IP being blocked and could be cause for your Ebanned membership to be revoked or suspended.

We reserve the right to add to these rules at any time we feel the need.

Thank you!

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